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Little Linguists International Preschool 

Georgia, USA


Professional Development and Teacher-Training Workshops in Spanish and French

Little Linguists International Preschool is a pioneer in the state of Georgia.  Its owner envisioned a brand new concept,  offering bilingual day care and preschool in three languages to its community.  Yolanda Borrás provided Early Childhood teacher training workshops in Spanish and French music for children.  First established in East Point, GA...

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Dominican Republic

Ministry of Education


Spanish music training for public school

preschool teachers from across the country

Yolanda Borrás offered teacher training workshops for 125 early childhood teachers who represented educational districts from every province in the country.  This project included the creation of ¡Caramba! Kids,

a Parents Choice award-winning music CD (2006) 

teachers guide, art projects guide and... 


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Education Through  Music

New York City


Half-day training for "visiting artists",

music educators in New York City

Every institution has its own specific needs. Highly effective, targeted teacher training workshops may be delivered in a few hours.   Education Through Music needed to enrich its program by empowering 40 of its "visiting artists" that teach in schools in NYC...


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Conciertos de la Villa de Santo Domingo 

(2011 - present) 


Education Concerts, Lectures, Spanish Music Workshops and Masterclasses

The Colonial City in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its rich history, which dates back to Christopher Columbus' discovery of America in 1492.   It is also the location where Conciertos de la Villa de Santo Domingo ( CVSD) hosts a music festival that includes free educational activities and concerts for children.  Yolanda Borrás has coordinated efforts so that every year thousands of students and teachers from all over the country ...

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