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An internationally recognized expert in early childhood and early elementary bilingual arts education, Yolanda M. Borrás trains teachers in best practices related to second language acquisition and vocabulary development through music and the arts. Spanish Teacher-training workshops, custom curriculum design, professional development and international education services are available on-site for private, public, non-profit and international institutions at the state, national and international levels. Yolanda is a native Spanish-speaker and is completely fluent in French and English. She has extensive experience in training in all three languages.

Professional Development for Educators


The Professional development program is based on research and experience in the field of early childhood and early elementary Spanish music education. Targeted for educators that use the Spanish language in their curriculum, the workshops and sessions are practical, creative, interactive and highly engaging. The Spanish material presented is derived mostly from traditional and popular songs from Spanish-speaking cultures and may be easily implemented in any classroom setting.


Yolanda uses recent research on best practices to effectively promote language acquisition through the arts. This enables teachers to confidently use the arts to integrate the Spanish language and culture into any classroom setting and actively engage students in the language-learning process.


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