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An internationally recognized expert in early childhood and early elementary bilingual arts education, Yolanda M. Borrás trains teachers in best practices related to second language acquisition and vocabulary development through music and the arts. Spanish Teacher-training workshops, custom curriculum design, professional development and international education services are available on-site for private, public, non-profit and international institutions at the state, national and international levels. Yolanda is a native Spanish-speaker and is completely fluent in French and English. She has extensive experience in training in all three languages.

Spanish Music Enrichment Program


Drawing on more than 35 years of teaching experience around the world and utilizing her vast collection of Spanish music materials compiled from research in the National Library of Spain, major libraries the USA and in other countries of Latin America, Yolanda creates custom-designed Spanish enrichment programs to support educational institutions in the USA and abroad.


Customized services are highly beneficial to educators and schools that incorporate Spanish musical activities in their programs and need a culturally-rich, authentic program to enhance Spanish learning learning their classrooms. A customized enrichment program combines the Spanish music curriculum with the goals, material and learning strategies of schools that offer Spanish programs.


Click here for more details on Spanish music enrichment programs for your school.


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