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I'm Bilingual! Languages Through Music

Yolanda Borrás, Author

I'm Bilingual! is a flexible, supplemental early learning curriculum based on culturally authentic Spanish texts and music.

I'M BILINGUAL! LANGUAGES THROUGH MUSIC is a flexible, supplemental early learning curriculum based on culturally authentic Spanish texts and music.

The I'm Bilingual! collection offers teachers research-based strategies and materials that help students develop essential foundational skills to achieve positive academic and social outcomes, providing a lifelong impact for children and opening a window to the world.


The I'm Bilingual! ®Supplemental Music Curriculum includes award-winning books and music, lesson plans, printable sheets focusing on math, vocabulary, musical concepts, sequencing, drawing, numbers, shapes and STEAM and STEM activities.  


Our training videos provide essential support for educators, enabling them to master both music and Spanish language instruction. Effectively teaching children with our materials empowers educators to successfully attain their goals and objectives. In doing so, they play a crucial role in fostering the development of language and musical skills in young children.

Yolanda Borrás

Founder, I'm Bilngual!

I'm Bilingual! ®Languages Through Music seamlessly aligns with key Early Childhood learning goals and strategies implemented in schools across the United States. Unlock the power of language acquisition through the immersive world of music!

• guide students in their journey to acquire music competency, a lifetime gift that includes feeling

the steady beat, learning to identify pitches and developing a musical ear

• present Spanish through songs, games and activities

• explore music and music concepts, including dynamics and tempo

• engage in fun vocalizations and pitch exploration

• invite children to generate musical ideas by creating and playing music patterns

connect children to a multicultural world through music

• combine science, math, arts and technology

• support children as they begin to read in context of rhymes and songs

• engage in creative movement, storytelling and dramatic play

I'm Bilingual Spanish

Want to know how I'm Bilingual! materials can enhance learning in your center or school district?

Reach out to us and discover the possibilities!

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