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"I’ve attended two workshops on Spanish singing games with Yolanda, and have really enjoyed both! Yolanda has a really clear teaching process, and is able to teach songs and games in a new language in a way that is easy to grasp. She has done the best presentations that I’ve attended on authentic Spanish songs and games for young children."

--Denise Gagne Founder and Director, Musicplay, CANADA

"Yolanda offered a library program of songs and stories in Spanish and she was amazing! We got a great turnout and all of the kids and adults were engaged and excited about everything Yolanda did. She offered the perfect combination of music, story, interaction, and activities for the wide range of ages. She clearly knows what she is doing! I can’t wait to work with Yolanda again in the future!"

--Elise Bogdan

  Youth Services Librarian, Ann Arbor District Library , ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN



"I’ve had the pleasure of participating in two professional development sessions given by Yolanda Borrás of I’m Bilingual!®. The first was at the MENC National Conference held in Milwaukee in 2008. I was struck by her knowledge of heritage and history and how she incorporated them into such fun and interactive activities. It was clear that she was an authentic source on the subject and that she had years of real teaching experience to support it."
"… our Teaching Artists found the presentation to be very helpful, and greatly appreciated her expertise-both in the area of Latin American songs and as an early childhood teacher. I also appreciated her professional manner and flexibility. "

--Chris Marolf, Education Through Music,  Field Supervisor, NEW YORK CITY



“La posibilidad de que la música llegue a tanta diversidad con una finalidad pedagógica hace de la inclusión educativa una realidad. Yolanda Borrás, Directora Ejecutiva y de Educación de los Conciertos de la Villa de Santo Domingo, ha creado un espacio donde niños y niñas de la República Dominicana tienen la oportunidad de descubrir la belleza de las piezas clásicas y de hacer suyas las melodías tradicionales dominicanas.  Bravo a esta iniciativa tan valiosa.”

-- Dra. María Amalia León de Jorge, Presidenta de la Fundación Eduardo León Jimenes, Inc.

   Directora General, Centro León, Santiago, REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA






"Yolanda prepared a fantastic 3-day educational workshop in English, French and Spanish for ten new teachers. In the workshop, she covered more that I could have wished for. The workshop covered music theory and language learning, as well as practical techniques and activities. The experience armed my staff with the confidence and tools to use in their every day classes.

I would highly recommend the I’m Bilingual!® workshop. Yolanda is a wonderful presenter and engages the workshop participants thoroughly. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We are excited to have her return at some point, as well as for the next I’m Bilingual!® music CD launch!"

--Jackie Ubiles, Director/Owner, Little Linguists International Preschool, GEORGIA




The following testimonials are a sample from a collection of letters of public school teachers of preschool/early elementary grades in the Dominican Republic. The

125 participants of the  two-day workshop were mostly from schools in rural areas of the country.


"This workshop was wonderful. I feel motivated and satisfied to have had the opportunity to learn new methodologies to enrich my teaching practice and use this new knowledge with the boys and girls I teach. Thank you."


"Thanks for such and important workshop, dynamic, participatory, and thanks for all the early childhood teaching techniques you have shared with us."


"A fun, motivating and spectacular workshop! I look forward to putting this knowledge into practice so that it may reach every corner of our country. I believe it will benefit the young children that are just starting their education so that they can face the world with joy and knowledge of music and that they can grow strong and healthy. Thank you."

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