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Teacher Training Workshops


Yolanda Borrás specializes in teacher training music workshops for teachers of preschool programs and early elementary grades.  Workshops are available nationwide for private and public institutions, non-profit organizations and facilitators of home-schooled children .


Languages through music teacher training workshops are designed to support language education through culturally-rich musical activities that are based on traditional and favorite songs, dances and activities from diverse ountries and cultures.  Workshops are held on location or online. 

Customized Workshops and Materials for Schools 


Drawing on more than 35 years of teaching experience around the world Yolanda creates custom-designed workshops, curriculum and support materials in English, French and Spanish languages for educational institutions in the USA and abroad.


Customized services are highly beneficial to educators and schools that incorporate second language activities in their programs and need culturally-rich, authentic programs to enhance language learning in their classrooms. Benefits of this service include the possibility of  combining the music curriculum with the target institution's program goals and learning strategies.

Online Spanish Classes and Training

Everyone can learn fun, engaging and culturally-rich Spanish music activities through our online training services.  Adults and children in general will also benefit from the one on one opportunity to learn or improve their knowledge of Spanish language through the online Spanish Classes. 





For Educators that need to include Spanish music activities in their classrooms. 


For Homeschooled children and their parents 



Fees vary depending on the number of participants and the length of the sessions.   

Please write to with your specific needs and goals.

You will receive a quote within 24 hours.   

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